We Take Our Food & Beer Very Seriously

Centre Street Tap House was opened in October of 2013 and is the second Tap House opened by Millennium Restaurant Group, with the first being the Central City Tap House in Downtown, Kalamazoo. Just like the original, we too take our food and beer seriously, very seriously. So much so, that we have added 10 additional taps to our line-up for a total of 30 beers including 13 domestic craft beers, 14 European craft beers, 1 firkin, 1 frosted Stella tower, and local favorite... Pabst Blue Ribbon. Whew! The other cool thing we have to offer at Centre Street Tap House is our wine on tap.

"Why wine on tap?" First off, it's not cheaper for us. The ounce price for us to buy bottles or kegs is identical. If someone is making an extra buck, it ain't us. The wines available are not even close to being "box wines". They are very good, well known makers putting the same very tasty juice in kegs as in bottles. It is becoming very common on both coasts and now also in Chicago {that means that we're part of the trendsetting!} Here is a bit about the wine tap system: The equipment we use is made specifically for wine. The composition of the stainless steel and line hoses have to be different to accommodate the acidity and delicate balance of wine. Additionally, we have two "wine-perfect" temperature zones just for our red & white wines. All this adds up to keeping us true to the TAP HOUSE goal of Better Beverages. Why are Kegs are the perfect container for wine? No light, no air...ever. Because we don't have the fear of oxidation and we can pour things by the glass that would be too big of a risk to pour from bottles. If we open an expensive bottle and only sell 2 or 3 glasses instead of enough for the whole bottle, we lose money. Even certified sommeliers agree that it just tastes flat out better than a freshly opened bottle. The kegs are not pulled in by Clydesdales, they are relatively small. Each one is equal to just less than two and a half cases of wine. {Maybe a lot for you at home, but not much at all to a restaurant.}

Just like the original tap house, our menu is scratch-made and inspired from local and international pub food traditions. Old favorites are the Mahi Mahi Tacos, Truffle Parmesan Frites and the Lamb Burger. We host a weekly raw bar on Sunday nights, featuring oysters and fresh seafood. And what about the beer? Our 30 taps of rotating craft beer come from months-old Michigan breweries, 200 year-old Belgian Monasteries, and everything in between. If it's a great and unique beer, you will find it on tap or in one of our 60+ bottles. Don't forget our hand-pull cask, pouring unfiltered and unpasteurized ale. We also offer a selection of whiskeys that range from the every-day to the hard-to-find. Style-appropriate glassware is rinsed before every pour to ensure the beers are enjoyed at their best. We take care to monitor and control the environment our beer is kept in and poured from. Did you know that our taps were custom made in Belgium? The centerpiece is the Stella Artois frosted tower. Every beer poured from this tap is ice cold.

We are located in the popular South Portage corridor in front of Greenspire Apartments.   We're excited to be a part of this beer and wine community. Join us on our large outdoor patio where you will find plenty of seating and an outdoor fire pit.  (We will try and drag out the warmer months as long as we can.)