Our Menus

Here at the Fieldstone Grill our dishes are created with fresh ingredients and  classic preparations which allows the true flavors of each dish to shine through. Many of our most popular dishes bring our guests "home"  with their sense of comfort and familar flavors. Classic items such as the Pot Roast, Fieldstone Steak and Rotisserie Chicken are standards on the menu and really offer satisfaction and value.  We offer "Complete Meals To Go" as well.  they feed a family of four and are priced for value and convenience.  Consider "cooking dinner" tonight on your way home from practice or dance rehearsal... you can add a family salad if you wish.  (We include the cookies for dessert.)   

The greatness behind each dish we serve comes from those fresh ingredients and a lot of pride.  Chef Luis Aljona is a true cook and really cares about the process of creating great food.  You can learn a little more about Chef Luis on our "About" page.   Be on the lookout for our  seasonal "feature" menus as they change year-round.  Chef Luis puts a lot of thought and energy into these menus as this is his opportunity to "mix-it-up" a bit.  They are really delicious!

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