Martell's Offers honest, regional and local food prepared and served by staff that knows your name.  Many of the crew have been with us for years...  If you are in, be sure to tell Dianne, Colleen or Jodie "hello".  James or David in the kitchen have surely prepared one of your favorites like the prime rib sandwich or coconut shrimp which have been being made at "3501 Greenleaf" for more than 20 years.    Martell's is a place you can bring your kids, grandparents, neighbors, anyone, and you will feel comfortable. It's great for any occasion.

And... as we like to say at Martell's, don't forget to "eat well, laugh often and live long."

At Martell's, there's so much personality!  We offer service with a personal touch and quality scratch-made foods that are comfortable, but not boring. We use as many seasonal ingredients as possible and create feature menus that reflect this.  A staff favorite (available year round) is the RIGATONI ALL'AMATRICIANA .  If you haven't tried it, you should make a point to.  It is craveable...

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